Caricatures: cartoon portraits fun and fast!

Robert Woodbury has the reputation of being one of the fastest caricaturists in the world.

He has been clocked at under 30 seconds for a face!, now that's fast!

He draws single cartoon portraits or group shots, getting the whole family involved. Using his imagination he can add animals or environments as wild or tame as possible.

Using portable caricature equipment he can go from table to table at large events or work from a simple setup of chairs at any fair, public or private function or park. Robert has a most approachable nature and has a way of charming a smile out of the most taciturn of subjects.

Robert has a special flair for capturing children in fun and frolicsome poses and allowing them to free their imaginations and live their dreams. -


Big News!

Robert Woodbury has been chosen as a caricature artist for
West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland!  
with WYSIWYG display powered by Raspberry Pi!
Automated slide show and even a hotspot!

wedding frame


car chris  


Bookings can be made via the contact us page or by calling direct to 780-462-7469




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